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With vs ​W​ithout: a ​Fun and ​E​asy ​W​ay to ​U​nderstand ​B​usiness ​Agility

Instrutor: Fabrício Laguna

DE 05/11/2018 ATÉ 09/11/2018 - San Antonio, TX, EUA

With vs ​W​ithout: a ​Fun and ​E​asy ​W​ay to ​U​nderstand ​B​usiness ​Agility

Do you know what business agility means?

A revolution is in progress and those business that do not adapt will become obsolete in a short time. Driven by the new opportunities offered by Information Technology, organizations are reinventing themselves, taking up new spaces and leaving old competitors out of the market. Those who delay innovation will become obsolete in a short time.

At BBC 2017, we had the opportunity to see The Business Agility Manifesto, with the core principles to be followed by organizations who want to stay relevant in the knowledge age. In this multimedia presentation*, Fabrício Laguna exemplifies each of these principles in a fun, didactic and easy-to-understand form, comparing how companies WITH and WITHOUT agility behave.

Engage yourself in this revolution and help your business to innovate.

* Business Agility is the theme of a series of 11 videos episodes created by Fabrício Laguna.

What you will learn

  1. Understand what agility really means and the difference of projects and business agility.
  2. Identify how business WITH or WITHOUT agility behave and where your business fits in.
  3. Learn what you must do to design strategy aligned and adaptive business.


  • Why do everybody talk so much about agility?
  • Agility definition
  • The Manifesto for Agile Software Development x The Business Agility Manifesto
  • Interviews of business WITH and WITHOUT agility
  • Principles of Business Agility
    • I. Perpetual change
    • II. Business Solution Agility
    • III. Business Value
    • IV. Value Chain
    • V. Business Knowledge
    • VI. Business Knowledge Management
    • VII. Business Knowledge Base
    • VIII. Single Source of Business Truth
    • IX. Business Integrity
    • X. Business Strategy
  • Recommendations to increase the agility of your business
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